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Juliana Lima

Juliana’s works are deeply inspired by her connection to nature and how it is so fluid and ever evolving. Entranced by the rhythm and melody of nature, her works attempt to capture that delicate balance of continuous harmony and tension. It mirrors her artistic process as well, as she flits from one disposition to another throughout her creative journey. The elemental movement of water and light are especially important sources of motivation for her as she constantly experiments with mixed media, sand, glass, metals along with a variety of colour pour, plaster and resin manipulation, spray and brush techniques to achieve a sense of interaction, complexity and layering so that each work feels alive and in a constant state of change.

Biography +

Born in 1979, Campinas, Brazil.
Graduated from Jewellery Design and Management International School, Singapore.
The artist currently resides in Singapore as a professional fine jewellery designer and artist.

Self-Taught Artist: August 2015 - Present
Mixed Media on wood board

MOUWAD Singapore Pte Ltd: August 2016-February 2018
Fine Jewellery Designer ( In house jewellery designer)

Patchworks Pte Ltd: January 2013 – Present
• Patchworks is a small jewellery business that sources semi-precious and costume jewellery from all over Asia for export and sale in Brazil.
• In charge of all aspects of the business from creative direction, sourcing, purchasing, marketing and sales
• Have sourced products from Bali, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, including regular buying trips to HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the Canton Fair in Guangzhou China.

Professional/Commercial Model:
January 2004 - Present

Some Commercials and Brands Represented:
2004 Rexona Deodorant TVC (Thailand/ India)
2007 San Miguel Beer TVC with Jet Li and Manny Pacquiao (all Asia)
2007 Cream Silk Reconstruct Damage Control Conditioner Cover (all Asia)
2011 Sony TVC (Singapore)
2014 Waterfront Property TVC (Singapore)
2014 The Scotts Tower Property TVC (Singapore)

Technique +

Juliana Lima was born and raised in Campinas, Brazil but has spent a large part of her adult life travelling the world, working in fashion, design and art, eventually settling in Singapore.
Driven by creative expression, Juliana is a professional fine jewellery designer and a self-taught painter and artist. She works with a variety of mixed mediums, creating her own unique style that is fluid, layered and complex.

She has always been drawn to nature and the complex relationships between the elements that are in constant interaction and motion. She draws inspiration from these forces, especially the shape and movement of light and water. This confluence of strength, motion and beauty continues to fascinate her, and she captures this in her work through detailed layered colour with an experimental mixture of material that comes together to form deeply meditative works.
Juliana is an award-winning fine jewellery designer, having previously worked for Mouawad as their in-house designer.

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