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White Space Art Asia was created in conjunction with the Heng Artland Gallery of Singapore to discover and promote new artists. The challenge we set ourselves is to identify and introduce artists that stand the test of time. At the same time, we bring to you several of the most established and successful artists in Chinese contemporary art, many of whom we have built relationships with over the years. These strong ties developed through our over thirty years of experience in art, working with artists in China before the Chinese economy opened up and before there was even a Chinese art market.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “is this good art?” We believe at White Space Art Asia that good art starts with artists with strong fundamental grounding in art and has a compelling story to tell.

We believe that art must have aesthetic value. The way the artist presents the subject - the form, the lines, colour, the detailing in the brushstrokes should line up with the intent of what the artist wants to communicate.

Every artist wants to tell a story. We seek to understand the meaning behind their art so that amidst the many voices and competing philosophies, we can aspire to speak to something real and human that engages our intellect as well as touches our hearts.

Art does not exist in a vacuum and the art we select must have a cultural context. Contemporary art is not about a particular style but an understanding of today’s burning issues, angst and obsessions. We look for artists who seek to interpret and explain the world around them and the important questions of the times.


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