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Luo Yi Lan 罗一兰

Luo Yi Lan 罗一兰

‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.’
- Anonymous

Like the animals she paints, Luo Yi Lan strives to see the world as a great benevolent place. Her vivid colours are striking, yet at the same time convey a scene of composed tranquility. The scenes are lovingly created and very personal – you do not just see, but feel the contentment and serenity of the artist in the painting.
She has a talent and instinct for selecting which object to accentuate. A bookshelf and its contents for example, may appear two dimensional and an armchair on closer inspection lacks depth. Yet, the dog and the pink cushion resting on the armchair are richly textured and detailed with densely laden, visible brushstrokes. This balance of detail and simplicity creates an image that is refreshingly direct and natural.

Luo Yi Lan 罗一兰

Born in 1983 in Suzhou
Graduated from the Suzhou Technical College’s Academy of Fine Arts
The artist resides in Suzhou, China
She has held 4 solo exhibitions in Suzhou since 2006.

Luo Yi Lan has a strong love of animals and pets and this clearly shines through in her paintings. It is often said that art reflects the artist and her sense of contentment and love is reflected in the demeanor of the animals. Her sleeping dogs for example have a disarming charm and innocence. Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky shows a very observant and playful side of the artist with the dog, nose up in the air, staring at the birds in the sky.

The scenes created by Luo Yi Lan are not just about cats and dogs. While the paintings are always composed in such a way that the immediate attention is drawn to the key subject of the cat or dog, the artist has also painstakingly created a world in which the cat and dog exists. Notice the details in the flowers (another subject that she specializes in) and the furnishing in the scene, or the colourful magazines and books on the coffee table, sumptuous pillows and sofas. Far more than props to fill the space, it creates a scene of quiet harmony and tranquility in which the animal inhabits.

The artist has a very strong ability to balance colours – this is one of the things that attracted the attention of her teachers. She uses a lot of bright, vivid colours – again very reflective of her optimistic, open character. You can tell the influence of artists such as Cezanne (clean lines to create a color ‘area’), Van Gogh (bold use of colors to express emotion) and Matisse (harmonious mix and transitioning of colors).

One of the techniques employed by the artist is the use of contrast between hard, sharp edges of inanimate objects and the soft lines of ‘living’ objects. The use of lines creates clean spaces and a sense of order and simplicity while the softer elements such as the flowers provide the painting with richness and texture.

The artist uses another form of contrast between rendering objects in a simple ‘flat’ perspective versus certain objects singled out for greater detailing. This contrast serves to focus the viewer’s attention on the key elements that the artist wants to express.

Sometimes she sacrifices correctness of perspective for an emotive effect, reminiscent of Cezanne or Van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles.

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