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Ronald Apriyan

Ronald’s works are representative theses that marry his innovative belief to a strong artistic vision. He uses art as a medium to arrest and portray alternative narratives of quotidian lives and intermingling it with stories of the fantastical and the imaginary. His oeuvre deals with social issues and the intimate psyche of urban dwellers in a rapidly growing nation, wistful for the memories of the yesteryears while unable to cope with the changing landscapes of their youth.

In spite of its underlying messages, Ronald’s works are still often playful and injected with humour and pathos. It could be regarded as a reverse bildungsroman, where one chooses to deliberately return to a child-like state, innocent and unadulterated. Indeed, Ronald’s works transport its viewers and suspend them in a liminal space where personal history and cultural paradigms form the basis for a nascent, hybrid worldview.

Biography +

Born in Prabumulih (Southern Sumatra), 29 April 1979
Graduated from Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta  
The artist currently resides in Yogyakarta

2015 Finalist, UOB Painting of the Year
2003 Best Mural, STP AMPTA, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2002 Best Sketch of Fine Art Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2001 Best Caricature for Hari Kartini (Commemorating Kartini), Yogyakarta Indonesia

Exhibition +

Solo Exhibition

2018 “The Metropolis” Element Art Space Singapore
2017 “Persembahan Cinta Ronald Apriyan” Bentara Budaya Jakarta
“Batik meet Shio” Art Jakarta Special Solo Project. Ritz Carlton Jakarta
2015 “Rainbow Breakfast” Via Via Resto and Art space Yogyakarta
2014 “Lure and Rules” Tirana art space Yogyakarta
2011 “Meet the Rabbit” Arya Duta Art Space Surabaya
2008 “ALHAMDULLILAH”Affandi Museum Yogyakarta
2007 “HUMAN AND HOUSE” Nagano, Japan
2005 “Football, Politics, and Entertainment” Indonesia Institute of Arts
Footballism” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

Group Exhibition

2019 Art Shanghai, White Space Art Asia, Shanghai China
2019 Duo Exhibition Patrick Owen X Ronald Apriyan Plaza Indonesia Jakarta
Pantene Perfect + On Art Experience Pacific Place Jakarta
Exhibition KADO Partron Miracle Print Yogyakarta
2018 “Into the Space of Time” IMAGINARIUM 2018 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
“Caraka” Sanggar Anak Alam Yogyakarta
“Pick Season” Simply Life Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
“PING” project Yunizar Studio 2018 Yogyakarta
Art Jakarta Pacific Place Jakarta 2018
Group show Miracle art space Yogyakarta
Group show Simply life Element by Westin Ubud Bali
Group show “Celebration of the Future” ABBC Building Nusa Dua Bali
Group Show CD Cover Mahandini Dewa Bujana Sangkring art project Yogya
2017 Group Show” Back To basic” Element art space Singapore
Group Show “Art Serpong” Tenggerang
Group Show Yudi Art Space “Simply Life” Yogyakarta
Group Show YAA Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta
Group Show Home Wares, Cayenne x DGI Jakarta
2016 Group Show Ping Project Aruna Studio Yogyakarta
Group Show YAA Yogya Annual Art Sangkring art space
Group Show Simply Life Yudi art space Yogyakarta
Group Show Re-draw Edwin gallery Jakarta
Group Show Kecil itu Indah Edwin gallery Jakarta
Group Show Bazaar with Art Element art Space Jakarta
Group Show Paperu FKY Yogyakarta
2014 Group Exhibition Widayat museum Mungkid Magelang
Group Exhibition Via Via resto and Art space Yogyakarta
Group Exhibition “Ping” project Aruna Studio Yogyakarta
Group Exhibition LVS gallery Seoul Korea
“120” Rumah Budaya Tembi Yogyakarta
“Terima Kasih Guru” Museum Widayat Magelang
“Dolanan” Jogja National Museum” Yogyakarta
“Fiture and Figure” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
2013 “Indonesian Revolution UpFront gallery Singapore
TRIBUTE Art Front Gallery Singapore
2012 “Freekick” Royal Art Square Surabaya Indonesia.
2011 “Indonesia – Myanmar Art Exchange Program (second edition)
Tanah Tho Gallery Ubud Bali
“BUDI(man)” two Indonesian Contemporary artits.
Momentous Contemporary Art Gallery Singapore
2010 “International Malaysian Print Festival
“Indonesia – Myanmar Art Exchange program Bektano Art Gallery, and New Zero Art Space. Yangon Myanmar
2009 “MENJADI INDONESIA” Gedung Arsip Jakarta
Jogjakarta Biennale 2010.
2008 “Most Wanted” Biasa Gallery Yogayakarta
“Ya-shin” Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
“The Golden Box” Jogja Galery Yogyakarta
“Transcent” CSIS Building jakarta
“Goro – Goro Art Project” Pra Bienale Event Solo 2008
2007 “TUPADA07”, 4th International Action and Art Event. Hacienda Café and Galery, Angono
City Philippine
“International Communication And Art Festival”, Tokyo-Nagano Japan
2006 “Enjoy Sculpture”, Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta
“NIPAF Exhibition”, Morishita Studio Tokyo, Japan
" Nagano International Video Art Festival" Nagano, Japan
2005 “Backpackers Painting Exhibition” Maharani Hotel, Bali
“Portion” Galeri Sembilan, Bali
“Ligeros de Equipaje” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (in
cooperation with Universidad de Castilla Spain)
2003 “Dolanan” Puppet Exhibition, Studio Tanah Liat Yogyakarta
“Launching Exhibition” Rumah Seni Muara, Yogyakarta
“Peace First Conference” Jakarta
“Bermain Jerami Installation Exhibition” Warung Sawah, Yogyakarta
“Petasan” Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
2002 “Murky Moral World Exhibition” Scotland, Canada, Japan,
Australia, Indonesia (in cooperation with Australian National University)
“3 D Passion” Kafe Kecil, Yogyakarta
“Tribute to Mas Tri” Tin Can Exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta
“Message from Indonesia” Kobe Design University, Japan
“Gedebook” Fundraising Exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta
2001 “Dialog Multirupa Yogyakarta – Palembang” Yogyakarta
“Pesta Seni Ancol” Jakarta
2000 “Deklarasi Forum Celah Rupa UST” Yogyakarta

Performance Art Activities

Yogyakarta Performance Art Urban Festival #4, Collaboration with, Ilham J Badai and HuangMing Chi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Tupada04 “Social Contact” Hacienda Café and Gallery, Angono City, Philippine. CCP Manila Philippine, Baguio City, Philippine
Yogyakarta International Performance Art and Urban Festival #3, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Occupying Space, Jakarta International Performance Art Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
Playstation Winning Eleven, Madman Distro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Performance #2: Jogjakarta Performance Art Urban Festival, Indonesia
The 11th NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 06: Asia Meets Latin America, Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagano, Kumagaya, Japan
“Silent Logistics” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta (in collaboration with Dominic Gaignon and Julie Andree, Canada)
Chandra Skaran in Collaborating, Rumah Panggung Nitiprayan, Indonesia
“A Mall will be Built Here!”, Tugu Train Station, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Last Supper” for Performance Jogjakarta Performance Art Festival
“Last Supper” in BTW! Space, Bandung, Indonesia
“We’re Dependent” in National Gallery, Ambulance Performance Art Festival Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
2003 – 2004
Routine Performances for “Wed Action Monthly Performance Event” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Packages” Universitas Gadjah Mada Boulevard, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Fetishism” for Opening of Muara Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“The Red” for Launching of Performance Klub, Yogyakarta’s Main Streets, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Borobudur International Art Festival”, Magelang, Indonesia
2001, 2002
“Hari Bumi (Earth Day)” Malioboro Streets, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
UST Inauguration Performance

Press Release +

"Song of Life" - imaginarium Into the Space of Time (Exhibition at Singapore Art Museum)


A set of three murals based on childhood songs from artist Ronald Apriyan’s early years span the staircase landings in SAM at 8Q. These nursery rhymes recall for him beautiful memories, memories that he hopes his children will also have through passing these songs on.

Ronald views such timeless songs as a means of transmission of hopes and prayers from parents to their children, especially in a time of change. The songs address different stages of a child’s development, with these stages reflected chronologically in the paintings from the first landing to the third.

Persembahan Cinta Seorang Ronald Apriyan (in Indonesian)


Selasa (14/02) seniman Ronald Apriyan membuka pameran tunggalnya yang bertajuk Persembahan Cinta di Bentara Budaya Jakarta. Pameran ini akan berlangsung hingga 19 Februari mendatang.

Diprakarsai oleh Vivi Yip Art Room, pameran tunggal Ronald kali ini merupakan upaya sang seniman untuk menyampaikan rasa cinta yang menurutnya tengah dibutuhkan oleh dunia saat ini. "Di tengah gesekan dan konflik yang banyak terjadi saat ini, cinta adalah hal yang bisa menjadi obat bagi itu semua," jelas Ronald.

Jakarta painting exhibition observes childhood spirit, imagination


A painting exhibition by Ronald Apriyan is currently being held at the Bentara Budaya Jakarta (BBJ) cultural institute in Palmerah, West Jakarta.

Titled Persembahan Cinta (Love's Offerings) and open until Feb. 19, visitors can expect to marvel at 16 soft-colored acrylic on canvas paintings featuring imaginary figures, which the organizers, namely BBJ and Vivi Yip Art Room, described as “seemingly naïve, but offers a meaningful surreal impression.”

BBJ manager Paulina Dinartisti says that the works reflect Ronald’s love toward child-like, pure and happy expressions. “Ronald is also reminding us as adults to always preserve honesty and sincerity in our daily life,” she said.

Videos +

Further Your Vision - Ronald Apriyan - OPPO Reno Series Commercial


Ronald Apriyan's "Saint Seiya"