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Tree of Light

GILLES CAFFIER’s pieces are creatively chaotic, a reflection of soft extravagance which is exceedingly rare.

He is passionate yet discreet. he understands that to be free artistically is nothing, but to be free and remain free is the most difficult.

This is the ultimate luxury.

GILLES CAFFIER creations are humanistic. They are born from the hand and nature, without rejecting technology. Created out of a common interpretation of our world.

His lines are pure, sensual, sometimes unexpected. He plays with the nature of materials, exploiting contrasts and diversions. Leather becomes metal, rough becomes soft, minimal becomes exuberant. He plays with beauty and its natural marks, embellishing case by case, sophisticating the exception.

Each piece is the result of meticulous work, and a unique mixing of knowhow and permanent questioning. A large part of his collection are limited editions. Couture.