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Song of the Rosy Dusk

Han Fang’s paintings reference the culture and imagery of the Chu kingdom of China. Set in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period of China, Chu was an important player in a culturally rich epoch that influenced the course of Chinese history. More than just a contemporary representation of historical images, Han Fang understands that imagination is stronger than knowledge and myth is more potent than history. He re-creates scenes from fables and historical anecdotes, while at the same time injecting humour and pathos. He bridges time and space to bring new life to an esoteric past that is often only glimpsed through the looking glass of a serious historian.

Han Fang dresses the stage with historical references, but demonstrates what every good artist intuitively knows: art should be about illuminating the soul and freeing the imagination, rather than burdening with visual accuracy. Each painting is like a fragment of memory, hinting at a tantalizing tale, reminding us that people in the past loved, laughed, worried and contemplated, just like we do.