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Nameless Hills Series 2

Huang Hong Tao‘s Nameless Hills series was born from his emotional attachment to the rolling hills of the Heilongjiang region where he grew up. There are no grand and famous mountains or rivers in this land, no real mountains to speak of in fact, just hillocks and mounds that mostly do not have the elevation to lay claim to a name.

There is a dreamlike quality to Huang Hong Tao‘s paintings. The Nameless Hills series has been a subject the artist has been painting for close to ten years. It is not a specific hill or location but a spiritually sacred imagery for the artist, all the more poignant because it is unnamed.

Nameless Hills is the subject that ‘birthed‘ him as an artist, and it has nurtured and inspired him, and provided him with serene solitude and certitude through years of angst and growing pains, yearnings and aspirations.