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Luis Princep Fabra

Smile, 120x120cm, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2021

“I was caught by the art bug since I was very young – and it never left me. I have been always fascinated in capturing and re-creating existing and imaginary images since I have memory. I am always immersing in and absorbing stimulus and ideas from pop culture, philosophy, and all kinds of artistic expressions (music, photography, design, fashion).  

This diverse background brought me to explore any media and artistic expression with an experimental attitude that blurs the lines between disciplines and visual styles.”


– Luís Princep-Fabra

Framework n.1, 80x80cm, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2021

His latest series is an exploration of the limits and ways of seeing. By mixing and deconstructing iconic images to create new meanings and interpretations, it will continue to intrigue and challenge the viewer’s eye to have a more active role in the act of contemplation.   The visual tension between the positive and negative spaces of the painted surfaces and the empty areas creates a question about what is complete and incomplete, what is abstract and what is object, and it shows how our cognitive and cultural perception play an important part in defining what we see.  The use of plywood as a support is a deliberate choice to enhance this dialogue between the media and the artwork by adding a sculptural dimension to the final piece.  

About the Artist

Artist Biography  

Born in Tortosa, Spain in 1982.  

Luis has been living and working in Singapore since 2012.  

Graduated with a MA in Digital Arts for the University Pompeu Fabra (2007) and a BA in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona (2006), he has been working in different creative fields and medias around the globe (Europe, South America and Asia).  

He is also a lecturer in Design and Visual Communications and has conducted talks and classes at Paris College of Arts, NTU, NAFA, and Raffles Design College.  


2018  Juxtapositions, Lo Pont Art Center, Tarragona (Spain)  

2006  Bank of Sabadell, Young Painters Award, Sala Pares, Barcelona (Spain)  

2005  Postura, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona (Spain)  

2003  Paracity, Context Kreativ Festival of Arquitecture, Vienna (Austria)  

2003  Grüss Gott!, Akademie der bildenden Künste (Austria)  

2002  Videa02 International Media Festival, Telenoika, Barcelona (Spain)  

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