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Complimentary Painting Superimposition by White Space Art Asia

Liu Peng’s Sunshower in a modern monochromatic living room with a statement yellow couch. The yellow accents in the oil painting complements the eye-catching couch.

We remain steadfast in the belief that art is essential. It can be a calming presence, a key talking point or even a much-needed makeover for your home. Indeed, most of us are spending more time at home than ever before and for many, it is a workplace as much as a home now. So why not spruce it up with a new artwork that you love? 

Huang Hong Tao’s Nameless Hill Series complements the soothing, earthy hues of the bedroom design.

We understand that buying art can be complicated and intimidating for some. Therefore, we aim to ease any friction by offering a new service to help art buyers make their purchase easily. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to visualize a painting in the space of your home. This is why our design team will help you to superimpose the painting(s) of your choice on the photo of your desired wall space(s). Here is what you have to do:

1. Visit Gallery to select the painting(s) of your choice.
2. Take photos of the wall spaces in your home that you would like to superimpose the painting(s) on. (Limited to 2 photos and 4 paintings per person) 
3. Measure the wall space. (Length and width of the wall)
4. Send the images of your home, the measurements and the chosen paintings to art@wsartasia.com along with your Full Name and Contact Number. 
5. We will get back to you within 1 week with your photos ready! 

Being able to get a good sense of the proportions and how the artwork will fit in with the rest of interior design is important in deciding which artwork to purchase. 

Here are some examples of the new interior design support service we are offering:

Maureen Hoon’s In Deep is a modern abstract mixed media work that draws attention in an otherwise minimalistic study area.
Xu Hua Xin’s Beyond the Alpines is a soft Chinese ink wash painting that is unobtrusive and meditative, perfect for the introspective homeowners’ study.  
Zhao Xiao Hai’s Renewal is created with dramatic inky black strokes that are bound to be the center of attention, ideal for conversation starters in the living room.
Out of Twilight’s Silver Threads is a Chinese ink on paper painting by Shen Zi Yao. The muted tones and subtlety of the artwork makes it a serene and calming centerpiece for the bedroom. 

Published on 5 June 2020

by White Space Art Asia