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当代艺术品 显个性品味 | 联合早报 (Showing Your Individuality Through Contemporary Art | Lianhe Zaobao)

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文 / 黄向京

发布 / 2018年4月7日 , 3:30 AM

From Lianhe Zaobao

By Ng Siang Ping

Published on 7 April 2018, 3:30AM

On living room’s wall, the works of three contemporary Chinese ink painters are displayed in a thematically cohesive manner to exemplify the personal taste of the homeowner.


Homeowners adorn the home with contemporary artworks, adding a tasteful flair to the overall interior design


At the end of last year, when the homeowners carefully selected some works from their own contemporary art collection to furnish their new home, even their interior designer, Xiao Wenjie, took many photos for his archives as he was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the overall aesthetic of the home. The artworks added another dimension and elevated the interior design, making the home look elegant and classy.

Free Space Intent创办人、创意总监萧文杰(46岁)受访时说,一般国人的家居以白墙居多,大不了贴上墙纸,很少像屋主夫妇那样收藏当代艺术品,在家居空间中巧妙展示,立即彰显屋主热爱艺术的品味,赋予家居鲜明的个性风格。

The founder and creative director of Free Space Intent, Xiao Wenjie (46 years old), said in an interview that most Singaporean’s homes are mainly white walls, and maybe sometimes they might put up wallpapers as decoration. Rarely do Singaporeans collect so many contemporary artworks like this couple. What these artworks can do for your home is that it immediately reveals your taste for art, and also it gives the home a unique and distinctive personal style.


Xiao Wenjie said, “I grew up in the 1980s when Pop Art was at its peak. At that time, it deeply influenced me and my interior design style. I have also decorated my home with the artworks I have collected over the years. In fact, I highly recommend Singaporeans to furnish their homes with something personal as it creates a great effect for the interior design.”


Changing out artworks every three or four months

屋主夫妇谢宇婴(45岁)和太太沈孟学(40岁)是“白色空间”(White Space Art Asia)画廊创办人,专营当代艺术品。谢宇婴受访时说,多年来个人收藏了200多件艺术品,配合住家空间陈列30件,计划每三四个月更换一次。我想起,以前中国文人习惯随着四季流转更换家里挂画内容的。

Homeowners Seah Yuying (45 years old) and his wife Dewi Shen (40 years old) are the founders of White Space Art Asia, an art gallery specializing in contemporary art. Seah said that over the years, he has collected more than 200 pieces of art for his own personal collection. He worked with the interior designer to exhibit 30 pieces of artworks in his home and plans to replace them every three or four months. It reminded me of the past where Chinese literati would rotate the paintings in their homes too, according to the changing of the seasons.


When the house was renovated, Seah used both a mix of different styles as well as similar ones to tastefully curate his collection. On one wall of the living room is the selection of different works from China, Japan, and Syria. The bronze sculpture in the corner is created by Chinese sculptor Liu Ruowang, and the monkey lampshade hanging from the ceiling is designed in Italy. On the other wall is a thematically unified display of the Chinese contemporary landscapes by Chinese ink painters Xu Huaxin, Shen Ziyao and Jia Yundi.


The living room of the Bukit Timah apartment displays a range of Chinese, Japanese, and Syrian art collections, combining various different styles together.


Throughout the home, you can see various styles and mediums of artworks, including Pop art paintings, sculptures, special plaster paintings in the kitchen, and ink paintings in the bedroom. Seah believes that the home interior design is best way to show the character of the homeowners, and it is the artworks that best reflects the personal taste. 


The Chinese ink landscape painting in the bedroom contrasts with the American Snoopy painting.


The mischievous bright eye of the little girl on the special plaster painting by Chinese contemporary artist Yan Bo is the focal point of the kitchen.


This old condo apartment in Bukit Timah has a unit area of ​​2140 square feet and costs SGD$100,000 for renovation.


Mixed contemporary style


Xiao Wenjie tore down a doorway between the living room and the balcony, making it more spacious and open. He kept the original living room floor with herringbone pattern, which was still in good condition, saving money for the homeowners. He then applied a matte paint over to make the colour of the wood more natural and to give it a finer texture.


Xiao Wenjie also renovated the balcony into a new dining space, using materials such as cement to create an industrial aesthetic. The long solid wood dining table and chairs made in Scandinavian minimalist style helps to soften and create a good balance with the edgy industrial style.


A corner of the kitchen filled with sculptures and Pop art.


The kitchen space design also adopts an open kitchen concept with an island and the stove in the middle. It is mainly to cater to the habits of homeowners who have worked and lived in the United States for many years. It is a good way to have friends and families over, sitting around to grill steaks and have a good catch up.


Iranian silk rugs and Lebanese hand-painted coffee table brought home by the owner during overseas trips embellish the study.


The study is the homeowner’s “cave” where he can concentrate on his work. The octopus-like lampshade preserved from the owner ’s old residence, the Iranian silk blankets bought when traveling overseas, and the hand-painted coffee table bought from Lebanon are used to enhance the study room. Xiao Wenjie said that as long as the furniture and decorations match the design of the house, I encourage them to be used as much as possible, so as not to waste resources.


The design of the bedroom is kept simple with the custom-made Scandinavian-style solid wood bed frame and counter. The dressing room also retains its original circular wall design. As it is a 40-year-old apartment, all toilets had to be torn out and renovated. A false ceiling was also made in the room.


Overall, this is a great mixed contemporary home interior design. The beauty of it is that it integrates perfectly with the homeowners’ own contemporary art collection.

(English Translation by Sharon Yap, White Space Art Asia)