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A Contemporary Art Exhibition on the Play of Light and Darkness


Black is often regarded as the lack of colour or the absence of light. But with the masterful use of black ink and negative space, light and form can be created in paintings. The Chinese artistic spirit has always sought after a high degree of abstraction that is distilled and condensed to its simplest and purest form. By stripping the painting of colour and using only predominantly black ink, it presents the artwork in its most elemental and unadorned form that in turn gives rise to a boundless spiritual realm of imagination, nuances and emotions.  The world they reside in no longer abide by the restrictive rules of colour realism. This exhibition, B(LACK), brings together a selection of works by five Chinese artists —  Zhao Xiao Hai, Xu Hua Xin, Jia Yun Di, Huang Hong Tao, Shen Zi Yao, and Quan Zi — that participate in the process of working creatively with black ink to express this complex aspect of Chinese ink and its long history.


Exhibition period:  March to May 2020

Venue: Paragon #04-08, 290 Orchard Road


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