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Dialectics: Mono No Aware 物の哀れ

White Space Art Asia, along with 6 other Japanese galleries (H-art Beat Gallery, Kawata Gallery, Kobayashi Gallery, Kogure Gallery, Shukado Gallery & YOD Gallery) is collaborating on our inaugural Japanese art exhibition in an endeavour to foster a deeper understanding and more profound appreciation for the lyric sensitivity to mono no aware.Mono no aware (物の哀れ), a core concept in Japanese aesthetics, is defined as the pathos of things. It is the ability to be moved so deeply by ephemera. When applied specifically to the arts, it refers to a heightened sensitivity to beauty and a melancholia that comes with the appreciation and understanding of impermanence. The subtleties and layers of meaning in mono no aware defies simple translation.

Mono no aware offers an emotional experience so powerful yet obscure to us. It can be said that our lives are simply a collection of changing seasons, the perpetual rhythms of life and death where flowers bloom and wither, tides ebb and flow and the moon waxes and wanes without fail. In fact, in a complete submission of the brevity of life, the Japanese do not admire an eternally blossoming flower.

We hope that viewers will be moved to contemplate upon the images and the information provided, re-evaluating their disposition towards impermanence and timelessness in Japanese art in an attempt to pierce the veil of the everyday monotony to reveal a poignant, evanescent beauty that is often overlooked by most.


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Participating Artists (by Galleries):


White Space Art Asia


H-art Beat Gallery

Masahiko TSUBOTA / Ryuma IMAI

Kawata Gallery

Sojiro TAKAMURA / Aya NISHIMURA / Fumihiro OGA / H@L / Rakusui KO

Kobayashi Gallery


Kogure Gallery

Takahiro HIRABAYASHI / Ryoki KURASAKI / Takahide KOMATSU / Yasuhiro ONISHI / Daisuke TAMANO

Shukado Gallery

Hitomi MURAKAMI / Erika KUSUMI / Miho TANAKA / Takahiro HARA / Mika CHIBA / Satomi KONDO

YOD Gallery

Ryuzo SATAKE / Shoichi MUKAI / Michihiro KAWABATA / Tomohiro TODOROKI