White Space Art Asia | A Japanese Ceramicist’s Story – Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Clay Sculptures

A Japanese Ceramicist’s Story – Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Clay Sculptures

Yoshihiro Nishimura grew up in a modern Japanese society that is strongly influenced by the American culture (post-WW2). However, his works remain rooted in a traditional Japanese culture and he gleans many of his inspirations from Japanese poetry/haiku. To the artist, a poet is one who perceives the universe in his own distinctive way and translates that worldview with his own artistic language into the written form. In fact, it transcends beyond the physical and a poet is able to express sentiments that could only be felt and not seen. In that, he believes that his works too, are a form of poetry that is formulated out of his own artistic language.

Indeed, his works are borne out of a quiet, meditative spirit. The artist himself would liken his works to a process of fermentation – where a poet brews a word, he brews a shape. A concept crystallizes in his mind and undergoes fermentation until it is ready to take shape in clay. Every piece of work is made from scratch and he does not rely on molds.

The artist hopes that they can tell meaningful stories that will resonate with people and offer them a fresh perspective.


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Published on 29 June 2019

by White Space Art Asia