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A Salute to Our Female Artists – Celebrating International Women’s Day

In this month of March, we celebrate some of the best works from women artists around the world

– from Du Xue’s ethereal female figures painted on silk to the intense chiaroscuro of Jia Yun Di’s ink paintings,

there is definitely something to sate your artistic appetites.




“My little girls are like flowers, frail daisies in the middle of the valley; wonderfully fresh and beautiful,

fragile, and vulnerable to so many things that can destroy this little miracle…”

Click here to view more Berit’s works.




Du Xue’s current series is about the subtle aspects and moods of women.

Her works often depict the female form from unusual perspectives.

Click here to view more Du Xue’s works.




Ethereal and sublime, Lynn’s paintings explore a very personal emotional affinity with the natural world.

Each painting is guided by the artist’s need to express a connectedness that defies articulation.

Lynn’s landscapes evoke a poignant universe that hints of the surreal.

Click here to view more Lynn’s works.




Through abstraction, Maureen explores the borders between painting and sculpture

and also examines the intersections between materiality, space, and image.

Her works invite contemplation so that the act of thinking about

non-linear time and space can be transformed into an experience.

Click here to view more Maureen’s works.




Jia Yun Di’s works examine people and their relationship with the

urban environment – loneliness, bewilderment and the search for meaning.

Often set in the quiet of the night, her works capture the fleeting moments of connection

between strangers that spell all kinds of possibilities.

Click here to view more Jia Yun Di’s works.




“To me, the most truthful artists paint from the depths of the soul,

unfettered by the shackles of earthly motivations.

We must first be faithful to ourselves in order to move others with our art.

The quickest way to them is through your heart.”

Click here to view more Yue Xiao Fei’s works.




Zhang Wen paints of remembered places and pastimes,

a celebration of puddled mud and autumn games of hide-and-seek.

She reminds us that the story of your childhood is inseparable from the story of who you are.

Click here to view more Zhang Wen’s works.





“ I wanted to start a revolution, using art to build the sort of society I myself envisioned. ”

– Yayoi Kusama




Published on 3 March 2019

by White Space Art Asia