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Du Xue’s thoughtful and intimate compositions are of acrylic paired with oil paint on white silk creations. Her brushstrokes are effortless and uninhibited, and she has an instinctive sense of perspective which results in works of startlingly fresh immediacy. Disarmingly ingenuous, her paintings have a gentle, almost ethereal quality that draws the viewer in.


Huang Hong Tao’s works are created an ink wash technique, and his colours and meticulous composition is a sublime fusion of classical and contemporary interpretation of Chinese ink. His subject captures the open landscape and tall skies of distant northeast China, but his story is that of human spirituality. He was 25 when he became the youngest artist to be inducted into the Chin Artist’s Association. When artists clamouring for attention number in the millions, being quiet might just be the best way to stand out.


Xie Chong’s city scenes are not about the manic bustling energy of a modern metropolis, but a throwback to the quieter urban world that many may remember from their youth. It is a heartwarming city of connected people, not the caffeine-infused frenzy of the iPhone generation.


Event Details:

Kee Club

32 Wellington Street

Hong Kong


7 – 10 August 2014