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Silhouette | Larry McLaughlin

Larry McLaughlin’s creations begin with the elegance of a silhouette but quickly draws the viewer in with its interplay of light and colour, evoking the essential nature of man and woman through his figurative symbols. His simplicity of form reveals raw beauty through material.


A graduate of both the University of California at Santa Cruz as well as the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, Larry’s works have been widely exhibited in numerous galleries in Europe, Canada and the US. Silhouette presents a collection of sculptures and monoprints running from 29 January to 8 February 2015.


Please join us for the opening of Silhouette on Thursday, 29 January at 6:30pm. Larry will be present in person to discuss his collection.


Event Details:


79 Chay Yan Street


Singapore 160079


Opening Night

29 January 2015, 6:30pm – 9pm


General Admission

30 January to 8 February 2015, 11am – 8pm