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Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2015

Featuring 5 of our contemporary Chinese painters, Du Xue, Huang Hong Tao, Xu Hua Xin, Zhang Wen and Zheng Yuan Wu, White Space Art Asia is proud to announce our participation in this year’s Asia Contemporary Art Show.


Du Xue’s current series is about the subtle aspects and moods of women. Her works often depict the human form from unusual perspectives. Her works often feature complex postures that would have been difficult to achieve with traditional painting methods.


Huang Hong Tao’s paintings have a dreamlike quality. The Nameless Hills series has been a subject for close to ten years. It is not a specific hill or location but a spiritually sacred imagery for the artist, all the more poignant because it is ‘unnamed’.


Xu Hua Xin’s art reflects his years of searching to express the purity and softness of white snow amidst the crystalline hardness of the mountains. The magnificence and steely resolve of his mountains contrasts with the softness of snow and the quiet reserve of water. The gentle brook defiantly carves its way through the snow; the mountains act as a backdrop to the placid quietude of the winter lake. Mist-coloured mountains suggest a furtive, ephemeral shifting of the landscape.


Zhang Wen’s Coming-of-Age series is filled with the nostalgia, experiences and revelations inherent in growing up, and it is almost as if through her art she can hold off that moment when the innocence of childhood is broken by the realities of adulthood. Her works carry a wistful wisdom; a knowledge that paradoxically, innocence can only be recognized retrospectively, from the vantage point of experience.

Zheng Yuan Wu relishes in demolishing traditional Chinese ink concepts of composition and space. Water, ink, lines and colour simultaneously vie for attention. He adopts an intuitive, almost naïve approach to painting, where freedom is favored above traditional academic rules.


Event Details:

Conrad Hong Kong

40th to 44th floors


VIP Collector’s Preview

12 March, 5pm – 9.30pm


Friday ART Night

13 March, 5pm – 9.30pm


General Admission

13 March, 1pm – 5pm

14 March, 1pm – 8.30pm

15 March, 11.30am – 6pm