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Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2014 (Spring Edition)

Join us the Affordable Art Fair Singapore featuring the works of young, emerging and internationally celebrated artists.


Larry McLaughlin is an American artist, currently residing in Arizona. We will be exhibiting his monoprints, mixed media pieces and animal sculptures.


Joanne Wong is a Singaporean artist. We are showing her ink and wash pieces, most of them scenes of Singapore. We will also show a few of her watercolour pieces.


Amber Lu’s work will be a centrepiece of the exhibition – the booth will showcase 2-3 large pieces (over 2m height) of her works. She is a Beijing based artist whose themes are the cross of art and fashion.


Du Xue paints with acrylic on silk. Her pieces are generally quite small – 60x60cm is a common size. We will have a new set of pieces from her for AAF Singapore, but images of these pieces are not in yet.


Xie Chong, a Guangzhou based artist who works with Chinese ink on rice paper. His works are somewhat difficult to see clearly in a smaller image as he packs a lot of details into the piece. His pieces are about finding serenity in ourselves. He believes that quiet can be found in the big cities, and you do not have to go out to the mountains to find retreat. It is inside of us.



Event Details:


F1 Paddock Club


Private View

22 May, 6pm – 10pm


General Admission

23 May, 12pm – 8pm

24 May, 12pm – 8pm

25 May, 11am – 6pm