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Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2015 (Spring Edition)

Drop by Booth 3C-16 from 17-19 April 2015 and say hello to us!


We will be featuring five artists at this show:


Xu Hua Xin Where Chinese ink has been predominantly about black, Xu’s wet paper technique and incredible tonal transitions create striking landscapes dominated by white.

Zhang Wen’s coming-of-age series is about remembered places and pastimes, and a celebration of puddled mud and autumn games of hide-and-seek. She tells stories of times of happiness as well as well as childish disappointments; of smaller adults negotiating between the childhood world and the grown-up world.

Zheng Yuan Wu relishes in demolishing traditional Chinese ink concepts of composition and space. Water, ink, lines and colour simultaneously vie for attention. He adopts an intuitive, almost naïve approach to painting, where freedom is favored above traditional academic rules.

Zhang Ruo Yu has a wry sense of humour, yet there is always a thoughtfulness and subtle melancholy to Zhang’s creations and a recognition that at the heart of all romanticism is suffering.

Sealey Brandt is an open and positive woman who breathes life and vision into all that she creates. A photographer with a childlike disposition who inspires her subjects and lives to capture unique moments in time.


Event Details:

F1 Paddock Club 3 Floor


Private View

16 April, 6pm – 10pm


General Admission

17 April, 12pm – 6pm

Glow Evening, 6pm – 10pm

18 April, 11am – 8pm

19 April, 11am – 6pm