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Une Mosaïque de Rêves (Mosaic of Dreams)

White Space Art Asia is proud to present in conjunction with Galerie Veronese – Une Mosaïque De Rêves (Mosaic of Dreams), featuring six artists deeply rooted in Parisian culture.

Four oil painters and two sculptors helm the exhibition, each with their own distinct and unique style. Chinese artist Jia Juan Li 贾娟丽 combines the western oil painting technique with a strong Chinese element. Cecile Veilhan draws on her imagination and her travels to create intimate paintings reflecting the smallest nuances of living. Yves Palliès one of the rare thirty or so artists throughout the world able to create trompe-I’oeil paintings, a unique skill requiring not only patience but also a definite talent. Christophe Ronel creates fantastical characters and worlds, in each painting, a new destination, an imagined land, a lost archipelago.

Berit a self-taught sculptor, working with bronze to capture the innocence of childhood with her series of little girls and Olivier Duhamel uses different layers of acrylic or wood to give his static creations visual movement.


Event Details:

290 Orchard Road

#04-08 Paragon

Singapore 238859


Opening Reception

25 August, 5.30pm – 8.30pm

General Admission

26 August – 18 September, 10.30am – 8.30pm