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Art Kaohsiung 2016

White Space is heading over to Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the end of the year and we are bringing Huang Hong Tao, Shen Zi Yao, Zheng Yuan Wu and Xie Chong with us!


Not discounting the emotive content of Western art tradition, oil painting has been a more scientific approach to art, beginning with the Renaissance focus on proportion and harmony, the Chiaroscuro effect of lighting and the invention of illusory perspective. Chinese ink painting followed a different path and tradition, one that is focused on the inner spiritual world of harmony, serenity and self-cultivation. Chinese ink (both painting and its sibling calligraphy) grew from expression of an individual’s personal cultivation, learning and wisdom. It represents the individual’s experience, harmony and attunement with nature.


Event Details:


The Pier-2 Art Center

Penglai Warehouse No.99

Penglai Road, Gushan Dist,

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


VIP Preview

8 December, 2pm – 10pm

General Admission

9 December, 11am – 7pm

10 December, 11am – 7pm

11 December, 11am – 6pm