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Art Stage Singapore 2017

White Space Art Asia is participating in Art Stage 2017 and we are featuring 5 prominent Chinese artists namely, Jia You Fu, Xu Hua Xin, Zhao Xiao Hai, Liu Ruo Wang and Zhang Ruo Yu.

Jia You Fu’s landscape paintings represent one of the most original and satisfying directions that traditional painting is taking in China today. In his works, Jia displays superb techniques of ink-accumulating, ink-splashing and ink-splitting, thus establishing an art form and personality unique to his own. These works, the outcome of his direct confrontations with nature, represent the forefront of Chinese landscape painting yet they belie his roots in the ancient tradition of Chinese landscape art. In the general art trend of the 21st century, Jia is undoubtedly a pioneer and representative.

Two of his brightest students, Xu Hua Xin and Zhao Xiao Hai will also be exhibited alongside their mentor. Xu Hua Xin’s art reflects his years of searching to express the purity and softness of white snow amidst the crystalline hardness of the mountains. On the other hand, Zhao Xiao Hai’s works are about light and movement. Working almost exclusively with black ink, Zhao leaves sparse, unpainted white space to create dramatic landscapes washed in shadows.

Zhang Ruo Yu sets about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of myths and legend, something that gives free rein to a sense of romanticism. He weaves from that thread intimate works of bronze that capture subtle depths of emotions and a sense of aspiration towards the infinite.


The figures in Liu Ruo Wang’s sculptures do not have affected poses and neither do they have exaggerated gestures. They are rather like Chinese classical Buddhist cave art with their upright bearing and steadfastness. Even the stitching on their clothes is of the simplest style. These sculptures are very approachable, revealing Liu’s knowledge of ordinary people and his belief that heroism comes from the people and the rank and file.


To see more works from these Chinese artists, pop by to Booth F2 at Art Stage Singapore! We will see you there.



Event Details:


Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level B2

10 Bayfront Avenue

Singapore 018956


Private Viewing

11 January, 3pm – 6pm

Vernissage, 6pm – 9pm

General Admission

12 January, 12pm – 8pm

13 January, 12pm – 8pm

14 January, 12pm – 8pm

15 January, 11am – 6pm