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Art Expo Malaysia 2017

The great literati artists such as Li Keran, Qi Baishi and Lu Yanshao perfected the fusion of spirit and vitality with the brush. The use of minimal, simple yet lyrical strokes creates emotionally transcendental and space defining works. It is the oeuvre of these grandmasters that is representative of Chinese ink for artistic composition, structural concept and method of expression.


With over 30 years of experience in the Chinese art market, we are keen observers of the changing landscape of Chinese painting. Over the last few years, we have observed the rise of a new generation of artists endeavoring to extend the boundaries of Chinese ink. Broadly coalescing around the eighties generation, the term Modern Ink encapsulates the new direction of this contemporary period. Modern Ink artists seek to reconnect to the historical continuity of Chinese ink broken during the Cultural Revolution. Concurrently, the exuberance of youth means that there are no sacred cows. Modern Ink is about stepping out of the shadows of the great literati masters of the past in composition, style, tone and subject.


White Space Art Asia presents a group of up-and-coming young artists each embodying the Modern Ink philosophy. The essence, mood and atmosphere of Chinese ink painting lies in the simplicity and fluidity of brushstrokes. Each of these artists capture the atmosphere and feel of traditional Chinese ink while introducing their own iconic contemporary style.


Event Details:


MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre

Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


12 – 14 October, 11am – 7.30pm

15 October, 11am – 6pm