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XEdition Hotel Art Fair

Let’s challenge the way we experience art. White Space will be having a hotel art fair at Regent Hotel Singapore from 06-09 September 2018. White Space Art Asia will be presenting 5 contemporary Chinese artists at XEdition 2018 – Xu Hua Xin, Wang Zi Jiang, Du Xue, Han Fang and Ma Yong Qiang.

The Chinese artistic depiction of nature and figures are seldom mere representations of the external world, but rather, they are manifestations of the mind and the heart of the artists. Du Xue’s exquisitely simplistic and emotionally driven figures are gentle, uninhibited and ethereal. They are a reflection of the artist’s desire to capture the grace, poise and beauty of the female form. On the other hand, Xu Hua Xin and Ma Yong Qiang focus on non-figurative abstract expressions that offer fresh perspectives to traditional forms. Poetic, tranquil and transcendental – a meditative calm could be found in the depths of their works. Established Chinese ink painter Wang Zi Jiang perfects the balancing act of coalescing Japanese aesthetics with Chinese ink techniques in his dreamy Kyoto series. Han Fang, a Chinese oil painter, dresses the stage with historical references, illuminating the soul and freeing the imagination.

Amidst the many voices and competing ideologies, we aspire to show something real and human that engages our intellect as well as touches our hearts.  See you at Room 812, Regent Hotel!


Event Details:

Regent Hotel Singapore, Level 8


VIP Preview.

06/09, Thursday. 4pm-6pm


General Admission.

07/09 & 08/09, Friday & Saturday. 11am-8pm

09/09, Sunday. 10.30am-7pm