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Bawep Kapalatama

Bawep Kapalatama

Bawep likes all colours with no prejudice. To him his, each colour represents a psychological situation at that given moment, its never pre planned ort conceptualized. What white means today wont mean the same tomorrow to him; His colours evolve with every painting. His style is to try every colour till it resonates with what he feels and than he proceeds to paint on the canvas. He maximizes each and every colour leaving nothing to waste... When Bawep faces the empty canvas, he doesn’t pre-plan he becomes one with the canvas and just paints what comes to him, this is how the expressionist abstract painter Bawep paints.

Bawep Kapalatama

Born: Bantul Yogyakarta, 18th April 1989
Studied: Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta

Bawep’s artworks are mostly modern. He grows with every artwork he does hence the progressive changes in his art. For his painting, mostly Bawep uses acrylic on canvas, sometimes also on paper and often experiments with other materials. For his painting, Bawep mostly uses natural colours that he can take from the plants that he grows himself. Bawep also creates handicraft such as things for usage as well as for decoration (saving boxes, bags, woodcarving, books made from recycling paper etc.)

The character of Bawep’s imagery is a reflection of the artist himself. Following the 20th century Expressionists, Bawep seeks to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality. Hence the natural elements surrounding his characters can be interpreted as symbols for internal emotions. His visual dictionary is formed by elements as red clouds, moons and snakes. Besides painting he also gives batik class.

2009 Exhibition of sketches in the alley of fine arts, Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta
2010 Jogja gumregah Jogja bangkit, Jogja Nasional Museum Yogyakarta
2011 Exhibition with age-group 08 intuisi in Jogja nasional museum Yogyakarta
2012 Berkata wanita, Galeri Surabaya
2013 Gedung Indonesia menggugat, Bandung
2014 Installations SUJI, Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja Yogyakarta

Having joined the Institute of Art Yogyakarta for two years, Bawep is a painter and batik artist who lives in Yogyakarta. He also does art installation, sketches and sometimes art performance. Bawep likes to do experiment with different possibilities, ranging from using natural colours to drawing on wood. For Bawep, art is about emotion; he paints without sketches or plans, filling his canvases expressively with symbols that emerge from his sub consciousness. Also, his installations grow from material that he found unintentionally.

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