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Zheng Yuan Wu 郑元無

Zheng’s art is a boisterous riot of east meets west; his subjects are assembled in an abstracted form, yet retain an essentially Chinese character through his free and decisive ink strokes. Landscape, animals, men and women are arrayed in many overlapping layers to form a surrealistic stage play. Often set in history, traditionally dressed actors play out their stories. Peeling back the layers reveals the rich metaphor and symbolism carefully embedded in each of his creations.

Zheng Yuan Wu relishes in demolishing traditional Chinese ink concepts of composition and space. Water, ink, lines and colour simultaneously vie for attention. He adopts an intuitive, almost naïve approach to painting, where freedom is favored above traditional academic rules.

Biography +

1985 Born in Shandong Province, China
2010 Graduated from Shandong University of Arts
The artist currently resides in Beijing and Shanghai as a professional artist

Exhibition +

2019 Graffiti Art Project by Zheng Yuan Wu, Shanghai
2019 The Beauty of Symbiosis – Eco Living Exhibition, Tianjin
2019 Outside Boundaries – National Ink Painting Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai
2019 Art Plus Shanghai, White Space Art Asia
2019 Art Hefei – Contemporary Art Season, Anhui Hefei
2019 The 12th New Prominent of Academy Exhibition, Beijing
2019 Joint Exhibition at Yuan Yang Art Space, Beijing
2019 “Zheng Yuan Wu and Zhao Zhong Feng Exhibition”, FFA Art Center Jiangsu, Nanjing
2019 Joint Exhibition “Chinese Ink Samples”, Shanghai
2019 Joint Exhibition “Look Carefully” at Zhejiang, Hangzhou
2019 Hi21 Art Fair, Beijing
2019 Joint Exhibition “Black and White Spaces”, Shandong Weihai
2019 Joint Exhibition “Memory of phenomena”, Gansu Lanzhou
2019 Art Chengdu, Sichuan Chengdu
2019 Joint Exhibition “Elegance of Absence”, Singapore, White Space Art Asia
2018 Solo Exhibition “Playism” – Zheng Yuan Wu’s Art, Nanjing
2018 Joint Exhibition at Hebei Art Museum, Shijiazhuang
2018 Joint Exhibition “Dating Art in the Spring” – Forest China, 2018 Spring Exhibition, Beijing
2018 Joint Exhibition “Chinese Ink Art Scene / Tianjin 2018”, Tian Jin Art Museum
2018 Joint Exhibition “MS ART”, Beijing
2018 Joint Exhibition “The First, The End”, Beijing
2017 Joint Exhibition “We Poetize” – Art Tour 2017, Guangzhou
2017 Joint Exhibition “One Cotton Paper”, Beijing
2017 Joint Exhibition “On Paper, Supreme 2017”, Ordos City
2017 Joint Exhibition “On Paper, Supreme 2017”, Beijing
2017 Joint Exhibition “The 10th Anniversary Exhibition – New Art Academy Elite”, Beijing
2017 Joint Exhibition “On Paper, Supreme 2017”, Shandong Qingdao
2017 Solo Exhibition at Shandong, Jinan
2017 Joint Exhibition “On Paper, Supreme 2017”, Shanghai
2017 Join Exhibition at Jia Jian Museum, Shandong Jinan
2017 Joint Exhibition at Song Zhuang Art Zone, Beijing
2017 Joint Exhibition Vipassana - National Excellent Chinese Painting Collection of the Post-80s Generation, Beijing
2016 Art Kaohsiung, White Space Art Asia
2016 The Ninth 2007-2016 College of New Phalanx, 2016 “Beijing” Annual Nomination Show
2016 The Language of Migration – 1980-2016 Chinese Ink painting chronicles, Wuxi
2016 N10 Exhibition of Powerful Contemporary Young Artists
2016 TKD Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Art
2016 Young Chinese Ink Painting Artist Exhibition
2016 58ART - A Development Plan for Young Artists, Water Cube, Beijing
2016 A New Wave of Chinese Ink - Annual Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Young Artists
2016 Micro. Duality - Exhibition of Contemporary Meticulous Paintings
2016 2180, 2nd Chinese Ink Invitational Exhibition, Nanjing
2016 On Paper Space, Bird’s Nest Culture Center, Beijing
2016 On Paper, Supreme, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai
2016 Singapore Affordable Art Fair April Edition, Singapore F1 Pit Building, White Space Art Asia Singapore
2016 Beyond the Mirror Phase, Beijing
2016 8080, Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists born in the 1980s, Beijing
2015 The Language of Porcelain Cross-over experimental works exhibition of Young Artists, Beijing
2015 Ceramics Exhibition by Young Artists from Mainland and Taiwan, Beijing
2015 New Ink Image Round One, Beijing
2015 Bank Art Fair, Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
2015 College of New Phalanx Annual Nomination Show, Beijing
2015 The War between Ink and Water, Chinese Ink Exchange Exhibition, Beijing
2015 “X” TKD, Chinese Ink Young Artists Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Return - Riverside Art Museum Opening Ceremony, Beijing
2015 Young Thinkers: Courage and Freedom, Beijing
2015 Parallel-Utopia, Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Beijing
2015 Solo Exhibition Art + Fashion Show by Zheng Yuanwu, Beijing
2015 Beyond Traditional – International Youth Art Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Lust, The First National Artist Theme Exhibition, Shanghai
2015 Art Beijing, 58Art
2015 2180, 1st Chinese Ink Invitational Exhibition, Nanjing
2015 TKD Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Sunshine International Art Museum Opening Ceremony Invitational Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Today, Chinese contemporary Ink Joint Exhibition
2015 Shuimo Chuge, Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition, Shandong
2015 Experiment Transmutation Academic Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai
2015 Art China Exhibition, Beijing
2015 Chinese Ink Young Artists Academic Nomination Exhibition, Shenzhen
2015 Artbay Fresh Artist Award 2015, Beijing
2015 Yi Tai Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Mongolia
2014 Academy Directions – invitational ink exhibition, Top Art Museum, Beijing
2014 New Ink, Contemporary Ink – invitational ink exhibition, Huitong Contemporary Art Museum,
2014 Meticulously – exhibition of small art works, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing
2014 History and Contemporary Invitational Exhibition, Wu Guanzhong Art Museum, Beijing
2014 To Youthfulness – National Young Artists Exhibition, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing
2014 Solo Exhibition A Luxurious and Dissolute Life, Arte Art Gallery, Beijing
2014 The Lecher – solo ink painting exhibition at Beijing’s 798, Yi Art Space, Beijing
2014 The Moon On the West Floor – Fine art exhibition at the Gachang Centre Korea
2013 The Sudden Dawn of Spring – Yi Art Space, Beijing
2013 Performing Arts Invitational Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Third Performing Arts and Ink Exhibition, Universal Art Museum, Shanghai
2013 Academy Directions – nominated contemporary ink artists exhibition, Contemporary Art
Museum, China
2013 Phoenix Chinese Young Artists Program, Phoenix Yidu Art Museum
2012 All Roads Lead to Rome – ink painting invitational exhibition, 789 Xifeng Art Space, Beijing
2010 My Youth, My Decision – exhibition held at the Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing

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Videos +

Graffiti Art Project by Zheng Yuan Wu in Shanghai 2019 | 郑元無涂鸦艺术实验项目(上海)2019

Published on 16 Nov 2019

Zheng Yuan Wu - Playism 郑元無 - 戏墨的玩乐主义

Published on 6 March 2017

Art + Fashion Show by Zheng Yuan Wu《纸醉今迷》郑元無时尚+艺术展览

Published on 18 Aug 2015