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Yue Xiao Fei 岳小飞

Yue Xiao Fei 岳小飞

“My job as an artist is to capture the chemistry between relationships and the meeting of people. I find myself being endlessly fascinated by the fluidity and unpredictability of water. I suppose that the ideal life is just like water, taking the form of whatever vessel we happen to be in – it is liberating and unrestrictive. Painting has helped me to cut away the excesses of life, I no longer watch TV or mindlessly follow trends. In fact, I keep my social interactions to a minimum. To me, the most truthful artists paint from the depths of the soul, unfettered by the shackles of earthly motivations. We have to first be faithful to ourselves in order to move others with our art. The quickest way to them is through your heart. “

– Yue Xiao Fei

Yue Xiao Fei 岳小飞

Born in 1986 in Shandong, Jinan
MA Distinction (Mural Painting) Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China – Studied under her mentor Wang Ying Sheng
MA Merit (Fine Art) Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, UK
BA Distinction (Chinese Painting) Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
Artist Residency Summer Program at School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
International Contemporary Artist Space Residency, CT, USA

Member of Chinese Artists Association, China
Currently work as a tutor in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Xiaofei Yue investigates the conflict in human nature between external appearance and internal feelings, by creating a collision between Chinese paint and rice paper.

In her own words, she expressed:

My practice is focused on Contemporary Chinese Ink and Watercolor in work which investigates the conflict in human nature between external appearance and internal feelings. Since last year I have been working on projects which scrutinizing the relationship between two people. Translated from Mandarin, it literally means “relationships” or “connections”, although neither of these terms sufficiently reflects the wide cultural implications in Chinese culture. Figuratively, it implies the invisible tension and atmosphere between two people. This series of works were inspired by the poem “The Third Thing” by D.H. Lawrence. Nobody knows what the third thing is, but because of its presence, two people encounter, click, and form connection.

The relationship between two girls is my main subject. Two girls posed together give out a mystical and poetic aura, which intrigues me the most. During my art practice, I developed my personal language to create collision between Chinese watercolor and rice paper. The accidental result they provoke through the material expresses the ephemeral nature and fragility of relationship between two girls, the “third thing.” The intention of the project is thus to repossess and reinterpret what I perceived of the essence of human nature that is hidden deeply in the society today, through painting this mysterious element between two conscious forces.

2019 Art Shenzhen
2019 12th Annual Exhibition of the New Art Academy Elite – Beijing
2019 Entre Mexico Y China –Joint Exhibition - Republica de El Salvador
2019 Solo Booth at Art Beijing
2018 Dangerous Games – Solo Show – Chicago
2018 “Post-Tradition and its Confession” –Joint Exhibition - Beijing
2018 Beihong Young Artist Promotion Project Opening Exhibition - Beijing
2017 Winter Blooming – Hui Art Season – Solo Show - Beijing
2017 Front Line Ceremony – Joint Exhibition – Beijing
2017 Finding Tenderness – Joint Exhibition – Chicago
2016 A Seven Guatrains Of Post 80’s – Contemporary Ink and Water Exhibition- Beijing

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