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Miquel Salom

Miquel Salom

Miguel received his first camera, the Kodak Brownie Fiesta on his 14th birthday from this father. It was at that moment, he felt “a strange vibration” as he looked through the viewer and his destiny became very clear to him. Since then he has dedicated his life to photography. He has embarked on a spiritual discovery and divulgence through the lens traveling to more than 50 countries in the last forty years. He works and lives in both Miami, FL and his birthplace Mallorca.

Quoting Miguel, ““To me, art is the ability to visually capture a luminous instant of my soul.”

Miquel Salom

”I was lucky to be born in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca in 1951. When I turned 14 my father put a Kodak Brownie Fiesta camera in my hands for me to take a photograph. At that moment I felt “a strange vibration” as I looked through the viewer. In that instant my destiny became very clear. I have since dedicated my life to photography. I learned the basics in a self-taught manner. I also worked, developed, experimented, and taught photography. Currently, I am at the funnest part. I am using my knowledge of photography for spiritual discovery and divulgence. In the last 40 years of my life, parallel to my evolution as a photographer, I have dedicated 10 years to education, 10 to social photography and portrait, and 20 to building and managing a communications agency, which allowed me to travel to more than 50 countries. Since 2004 I am fully committed and working exclusively in developing my passion. I want to spark the interest in art in people’s minds to help them understand their souls better with the use of photography. I spend my time between Mallorca and Miami FL.“

- Miquel Salom

“To me, art is the ability to visually capture a luminous instant of my soul.” The objective of this open project is to try to reveal, throughout spiritual and emotional energy, the dual relationship of humans and the universe, using love as a connecting energy between their soul and their destiny. Every instant belongs to the past and it deposits in thin layers, which make up our unrelenting physical, ever-changing, and subconscious experience, which has a physical beginning and end that is totally foreseeable. In my work I try to experiment on my own soul to be able to show it in a visual manner using photography as a tool. This is often referred to as “illumination”. My objective is to motivate others and consequently to connect their supra-physical and spiritual realities.“

- Miquel Salom

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