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Zhang Ke 张苛

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Biography +

1988 Born in Qian Jiang, Hubei Province, China
2012 Graduated with a Master’s degree from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in
Chinese ink fine brush painting

Currently teaching at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts.

Exhibition +

2015 The Culture of Ink – Third Annual Ink Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture, Art
Market Museum, Beijing
2015 Ink and Colour – joint exhibition of contemporary ink artists, China Agricultural Museum,
2012 National Chinese Ink Exhibition 2012, awarded outstanding prize, Shanghai
2012 National Chinese Fine Brush (Gongbi) Exhibition 2012, Cang Zhou
2012 New Directions – National Chinese ink exhibition, awarded outstanding prize, Shanghai
International Convention Centre, Shanghai
2011 Contemporary Gongbi Exhibition, organized by Wuhan Rongyuan Art, Wuhan
2010 Shanghai World Expo Chinese Fine Art Exhibition, awarded outstanding prize, Wuxi Museum,
2010 Contemporary Art Academies Student’s Exhibition, Today Museum, Beijing
2009 Fine Threads – Fine brush Gongbi exhibition organized by the Wuhan Fine Arts Museum,
2009 Eleventh Hubei Fine Arts Exhibition, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts museum, Wuhan
2008 Seventh National Gongbi Exhibition, World Art Museum, Beijing
2008 Gongbi Academy – first China national young gongbi artists exhibition, China National
Academy of Painting, Beijing
2008 Contemporary Art Academy Student’s Exhibition 2008, Today Museum, Beijing
2008 Thirtieth Anniversary of Revolution Exhibition, Wuhan Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan
2008 You Don’t Know Me – joint exhibition of six artists, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Museum,
2007 Eighth National Art Academies Fine Arts Exhibition, awarded bronze prize, South-Central
University for Nationalities Museum
2006 Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 2006, awarded first outstanding prize, Hubei
Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Wuhan

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