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Wendy Jia Yun Di 贾云娣

Wendy Jia is from the new generation of young Chinese ink painters breaking new ground by taking the traditional Chinese ink painting to new subject areas. In particular, she explores humanistic themes. Her works examines people and their relationship with the urban environment around them – loneliness, bewilderment, search for meaning, and the often fleeting moments of connection between people that for a brief moment spell all kinds of possibilities. Instead of the mountains and rivers of traditional Chinese ink paintings, her landscapes are the new urban realities of modern China and beyond.

On first inspection, the people in her paintings appear as simple, featureless stick figures. Yet there are incredibly fine nuances in the pose; a head slightly cocked that conveys the individual’s curiosity, or a tensed shoulder that suggests alertness and caution. Hers is a silent world of unspoken feelings.

Stairways are a frequent motif in her paintings. They seem to connect and bridge the gulf between people and often lead into light or open space. This metaphor is often coupled with her daring use of contrasting light and darkness to create scenes of quiet drama.

Biography +

1978 Born in Beijing
1998 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Secondary School
2002 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Chinese Ink faculty)
2005 Obtained her Master’s degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts
2010 Obtained a Doctorate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Sculptural Art Research
Lecturing Professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts
Lecturing Professor at the China Art Research Institute
Committee Member of the Ministry of Culture Youth Art Committee
Research Fellow, Li Ke Ran Academy

Exhibition +

2014 Two Women – exhibition of two women artists from China and South Korea, organized by
the Korean Culture Institute in Beijing
2014 Oriental Ink 2014 – Korea Invitational to notable Chinese artists, Jizhou
2013 Dare To Be Creative, first annual exhibition organized by the Li Ke Ran Academy, held at
China Museum of Art in Beijing
2013 Brocade Skies, third exhibition organized by Wan Gallery at Shijiazhuang, Hebei province
2012 Central Academy of Fine Arts Further Education Institute Exhibition, China Calligraphy
Museum exhibition hall, Beijing
2011 Journey of the Sun and Moon exhibition organized by Wan Gallery, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
2009 Finding A Path – A Landscape Exhibition Museum of Art, Jinan, Shandong province
2009 Light and Soul solo exhibition in Singapore organized by Heng Artland gallery
2009 Finding A Path – A Landscape Exhibition organized by China Museum of Art, Beijing
2008 Contrasting Complementary Colors, two-person exhibition in collaboration with a South
Korean artist, organized by EM Art Gallery Beijing
2008 Dream Path, solo exhibition organized by Cup Gallery, 798 art district, Beijing
2008 Games No.2 was acquired for permanent display by the Zhejiang Museum of Fine Arts
2006 Tradition and Creation, eight-person exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink organized by
the China Museum of Art
2004 Jia You Fu Studio – Student’s Exhibition, Jinan Museum of Fine Arts, Shandong
2003 Jia You Fu Studio – Student’s Exhibition, China Museum of Art, Beijing
2002 Graduation exhibition Night – Directions awarded second prize. Acquired by the Central
Academy of Fine Arts Museum together with The Reason for Loneliness No.2 and The
Reason for Loneliness No.5
2001 Awarded Central Academy of Fine Arts scholarship for 2000-2001
2000 Rain – Shadow and Me awarded third prize at the Central Academy of Fine Arts annual
Outstanding Students’ Exhibition. Art work exhibited in South Korea.
1998 Warmth In Winter awarded second prize at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Secondary
School’s graduating exhibition


2009 Jia Yun Di New Art Works Collection
2008 Dream Path, published by Cup Gallery
2006 Tradition and Creation published by Hebei Muesum Press
2005 Jia Yundi Ink Paintings published by Tianjin People Art Press

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