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Yoshihiro Nishimura 西村芳弘

Nishimura’s works are whimsical with a touch of romance. In his beautiful, charming ceramic sculptures, Nishimura creates wondrous inhabitants from a magical realm, drawing from the rich tapestry of fairy-tale fantasies, ancient folklores and a shared cultural imagination. His divinely simplistic yet emotionally anchored characters bloom from a faraway world long forgotten, where the wild wind blows relentlessly, and the towering trees groan with ancient secrets. Nishimura’s works conjures up memories of our childhood reveries and innocent musings, prompting us to perceive the world through child-like eyes again.

Biography +

1970 Born in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture
1998 Tokyo University of the Arts, Completed master of ceramic arts
2002 Onomichi City University, Part-time lecturer
Affiliation member of Ceramic Art Society of Japan

Exhibition +

2019 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, White Space Art Asia
2019 Dialectics: Mono No Aware, White Space Art Asia, ION Art Gallery Singapore
2018 Solo Exhibition: Naha Municipal Tsuboya Pottery Museum (Okinawa)
2017 Solo Exhibition: Mirasaka Peace Museum of Art (Hiroshima)??
2016 The Museum of Arts & Crafts?Itami (Hyogo), Craft Exhibition in Chugoku area
2014 Ibaraki, Ceramic Art Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art?
2008 Higashihiroshima, City Museum of Art, Modern shaping

Departmental Store/Art Gallery Displays:

• Mitsukoshi (Nihonbashi-tokyo/Hiroshima/Hukuoka)
• Fukuya
• Tenmaya (Hiroshima)
• Matuzakaya (Nagoya Takasimaya Shinjuku/Nagoya/Kyoto/Ehime)
• Hanshin (Osaka)
• Maruiimai (Sapporo)
• Hamaya (Nagasaki)
• Daiwa (Toyama)
• Tamaya (Saga)
• Riubou (Okinawa)
• Seitoh
• Tao (Hiroshima)
• Entrez (Kobe)
• Uehara
• Tanaka (Tokyo)
• Object (Gunma)
• Azuma-do (Saga)

Technique +

Artist’s Statement

I grew up in a modern Japanese society that is strongly influenced by the American culture (post-WW2). However, my works remain rooted in a traditional Japanese culture and I glean many of my inspirations from Japanese poetry/haiku. To me, a poet is one who perceives the universe in his own distinctive way and translates that worldview with his own artistic language into the written form. In fact, it transcends beyond the physical and a poet is able to express sentiments that could only be felt and not seen. In that, I believe that my works too, are a form of poetry that is formulated out of my own artistic language.

My works are borne out of a quiet, meditative spirit. I would liken my works to a process of fermentation – where a poet brews a word, I brew a shape. A concept crystallizes in my mind and undergoes fermentation until it is ready to take shape in clay. Every piece of work is made from scratch and I do not rely on molds.

I hope that they can tell meaningful stories that will resonate with people and offer them a fresh perspective.

Press Release +
Videos +

西村芳弘の世界 The Making of Yoshihiro Nishimura's Ceramic Works


Video credit: Hiroshi Minamida
(DEX 映像文化研究室)