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Tommy Yue

BIBIBU Concept

The Animals Resistance illustration series was conceived in 2011 with the basic concept revolving around the relationship between humans and animals. Humans have subjected helpless animals to abuse, abandonment, animal testing and many other atrocities. For a long time, these animals were placed under such tremendous pressure and suffering that they have begun to evolve and develop human-like intelligence and personality. United, they gathered together to resist against humanity’s brutality. Amidst their struggle, some humans and animals began to form an unlikely friendship.

Tommy hopes that through his illustrations we can highlight the issues surrounding over-hunting of animals, land development and deforestation and even inhumane animal testing in the medical industry. Perhaps his art is able to evoke certain emotions in the viewers that it might inspire them to actively make a change in their lifestyle to discourage such practices in the industry.

This particular style of design and humor have attracted many corporations and government agencies around the world and is very much favored by the Hong Kong art market. In fact, Tommy’s works won numerous awards in countries like Hong Kong, Italy, Holland, and his works were even included in a New Zealand publication.

Biography +

1978 Born in Hong Kong
2002 Graduated from City University of Hong Kong in Computer Animation and Digital effect
2007-2011 Product Analysis and Engineering Design - BEng(Hons) Degree The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2018 (ongoing) Design Strategies (MDES) - Master Degree The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Exhibition +

2020 Indigo Design Award!
Honor issuer Gold in Character Design for Social Change 2020
2020 Indigo Design Award!
Honor date Apr 2020 honor issuer Bronze in Illustration for Social Change 2020
2020 Honorable Mention Award
Jan 2020 Honor issuer Circle Foundation for the Arts
2019 Bronze in Logos 2019 - Professional Branding Design
Sincerely (Indigoawards)
2018 Gold Award Indigo Awards
Non-Professional Illustration
Animals (Indigoawards)
2018 Gold Award Indigo Awards
Non-Professional Illustration/ Mrs Queens (Indigoawards)
2017 Bronze A' Design Award
Winner for Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category in 2017 (A Design award)
2016 HKDA Global Design Awards
G3 - Excellence
2016 Virgin- Air Sickness Bag, Winning Awards
2007 Opus- Japan Eyewear Winning works
2005 Opus- Japan Eyewear Winning works

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