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Ayşe G. Süter

Ayşe G. Süter (b.1982) received her education on animation and digital arts at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She is the recipient of 2016 and 2018 Turkish Cultural Foundation Cultural Exchange Fellowship. She attended Painting (2017), New-Media& Sculpture (2013) artist-in-residency programs at School of Visual Art (SVA), NYC. On a project basis, she collaborates with scientists at Marine Biological Lab (MBL) in MA, USA using various techniques and equipment where she then adopts these into her own art.

Ayşe G. Süter was selected to be the only artist-in-resident at IRB Barcelona (Biological Research Institute) for the year of 2018. And that was her first official position as an artist in a Science Lab. She continues to work on her projects related to animation, light installations, kinetic sculptures and bio-art. Süter is integrating the traditional art-making techniques with new media technologies. By synthesizing the real and the imaginary and bring it to our perception, she is heightening the awareness of unimaginable beauty and diversity of our world. The artist who delves into the relationship among motion, light, time and space from the dimensions of perception and reality, focuses on individual's processes of sensory experiences. She also believes that art gives responsibility to the viewers too and they should act with their intuitions against the facts of life.

Biography +

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982

She graduated in 2010 from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Animation and Digital Arts. She also has a degree in liberal arts from Boston University.

The artist is currently based in Istanbul.

Exhibition +

2020 “Expanding Universe”, joint gallery show, White Space Art Asia, Singapore
2019 “Art Made of Science, Microspheres”, solo exhibition, Sant Pau, Recinte Modernista, Barcelona
2018 “Diffusion”, solo exhibition, PG Art Gallery
2017 Fresh Paint Art Fair, PG Art Gallery Booth, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2017 “Contemporary-Art Talk”, Borusan Perili Kö?k Museum, Istanbul
2016 Art Thessaloniki, Art Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece
2016 “Wheatfields”, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
2016 “Invisible Motion”, solo exhibition, PG Art Gallery
2015 “Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Plug-in Section
2015 “Budapest Art Fair, New Media Booth
2015 “Waves”, karma exhibition, Blok Art Space
2011 – 2014 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, PG Art Gallery Booth
2014 “Cacophony”, karma exhibition, ?ekerBank New Media Art Gallery
2013 “Motion”, solo exhibition, PG Art Gallery
2012 “Cockaigne”, karma exhibition, Pasajist independent art space
2011 “Analog vs. Digital”, karma exhibition, Mitte Barcelona Gallery
2011 “Uncanny Games”, parallel event to Istanbul Biennale
2011 “Look at Your Hands”, karma exhibition, PG Art Gallery

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