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White Space Art Asia is a Singaporean art gallery founded to discover and nurture a new generation of contemporary Asian artists. With over thirty-nine years of history, our full-time curation team has extensive experience working with established and emerging talents in East and Southeast Asian art.

In the words of famous Qing Dynasty artist Shitao, a single brushstroke can define what lies beyond the borders of the universe. The blank space is a world of infinite possibilities, with the artist at its helm with their brush. As a gallery, we seek to provide the best blank slate for their work to flourish.

With locations in both China and Singapore, our gallery has global access to a richly diverse set of talents, and an in-house team with an average of more than ten years tenure to manage and develop them. Our rich history of working with artists from the point of discovery to development has established long-lasting relationships that span decades, drawing a fruitful partnership for both talents and gallery alike. With close collaborative relationships with artists and collectors, our gallery is dedicated to contributing to the development of art in East and Southeast Asia.

Based primarily in Singapore, White Space Art Asia is located in the bohemian heritage district of Tiong Bahru.


1H Yong Siak Street,
Tlong Bahru Estate
Singapore 168641

Telephone:+65 6738 4380
Gallery Hours:Tuesday - Sunday,
10am - 7pm
(closed on some PH,
please call before visit)